After 60 months of preparation, we are proud to announce the launch of “Marina Diamond and Watch Investments, Inc.” We can now offer clients and investors a unique opportunity to co-invest in a company we consider to be the most talented and financially robust Precious metals and gems corporation in the world. We now are truly a multi-family investment office (“MFO”). An MFO in the simplest form is a holding company that has two or more families’ full capital invested. We remain focused on hard assets (mainly diamonds and high end jewelry) and still maintain the organization’s directive, as we know our Partners and our Family Investment Capital is no longer willing to accept the 50% increases and in turn declines of the public equity and bond markets – now even further tainted by high-frequency traders.

We hope you find our “alternative” investment opportunity attractive. Our firm understands that valuing diamonds and the broader “market” for gems is a virtually impossible task for the general public. With our key partners’ extensive knowledge and proven success in this space, we are offering you an opportunity to enter a market previously left to insiders and seasoned professionals.

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a copy of our Investment Prospectus.