The Marina Diamond and Watch Guarantee is probably our greatest advantage compared to anyone else in the jewelry industry. Unlike your typical jewelry store or website, Marina Diamond and Watch gives you 100% of your purchase amount towards a future “in-stock” Marina Diamond and Watch item if you decide to make a new purchase.  You may wonder what the timeline on that is, how about forever!

Many Clients upgrade throughout the years.  Instead of having to purchase another new item, you can have most of it paid for already!  Fashion trends change all the time, now you can change with them without emptying your wallet!

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all your purchases made directly from the website.  This way, if you aren’t totally satisfied when you receive your purchase, you have options!  We pride ourselves on being a client first company.  

*Refurbishing or servicing costs may apply and will be deducted from the trade value.   

*If you desire a custom made piece there will not be a 30 day guarantee.